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About Recallo

Recallo bridges the gap between you and your customers

Customers of SMEs, medium & multi-national firms are assigned Direct Inward Dialing numbers. This makes it possible for Clients to call a single known DID which is then routed to a Customer centre powered by the Recallo CC software which has an agent screen that is basically an interactive web page, it allows the agent to interface with the system during a call and do things such as add or modify the information about a customer
The agent screen is available in English language. Recallo agent page is a workstation where agents track incoming calls, connect to queues, disconnect for a break, and enter any information about calls using CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

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Features of RECALLO

Recallo has numerous features to ensure easy communications between you and your clients. Some of these are as follows

You will be provided with direct inwards dialing numbers. This will help your customers reach you faster

A well detailed wall board is provided for easy access to statistics concerning the contact center

A ticket systems is provided to track customers requests,complaints or inquiries

For an effective quality assurance, Recallo provides a well detailed reporting platform for analysis.

Missed calls can be routed to voice notes which will be analysed and profiled for further actions

Recallo has an integrated database for customers with their information stored in them

Deployment options



Let your customers reach you anytime anywhere. Recallo the mobile contact centre for businesses. This form of recallo doesnt need a complete centre set up as its only requirment is your phone number making it easy for your clients to reach you anywhere anytime



This is the full version of recallo which has three user modes including: agent, supervisor and admin. For this contact centre the use of external microphones or landlines is greatly implored as it is usually multi agent.

RECALLO contact centre tutorial

The youtube video in presented beside this write-up is an in-deoth tutorial on how to operate Recallo, For more kindly go to our youtube channel


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Deployment Packages

Scenerios where Recallo fits in

Recallo is a very dynamic package that can be deployed to fit in virtually all business establishments

Government MDAs

Recallo can be used to bridge the gap between the government and its people by providing a good platform for interaction.


The Call back feature can be used to manage the call to contact centres of banks by placing a call through to Customers at the working periods after they have call during the non-work hours for Call centre Representatives to respond to them.


Visistation voice notes can be dropped to the security agents of an estate including the name of the visitor and time of visitations to reduce the time wasted in verification of a visit.


Customers can call to book flights and call for flight cancellations as quick as needed. Distortions in flight and schedules is broadcasted in real time to all concerned by the use of Recallo's RIDS( Rapid Information Dissemination System) which is a multi-channel system


The outbound call feature of recallo can be used by schools to pass vital informtion to the parents of the students. It can also be used as a means of communication between a student and various departments in the school.


A tip-off contact centre can be developed on the Recallo platform. It will service the people like the famaus 911 platform used in USA

Sneak peek of Recallo

Below are some of the screens to give an inside look of Recallo

The new face of RECALLO Mobile

The RECALLO mobile solution is getting a major upgrade and below are some screenshots of the upgraded solution

Recallo CC clients

Recallo mobile clients

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